Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency

TWRA's Region 4 - East Tennessee

Reservoir Fisheries Management Program

Watauga Lake - Gill Netting 2015


Sampling Date: December 9, 2015
Species collected in survey (6 net nights):

Walleye - 38

The TWRA collected 38 walleye in six experimental gill nets on Watauga Reservoir in 2015. The gill nets were set from Roans Creek to the dam.

The catch rate was below average at 6.3 fish per net night. Fifty-eight percent of fish collected were longer than the 18-inch minimum size limit. A good percentage of small fish was collected indicating there was some survival of stocked fish. TWRA's stocking rate was higher in 2015 at 9.5 fish/acre. Hopefully these fish will recruit into larger size classes.

The TWRA is encouraged by the large percentage of fish over 18-inches and the good numbers of stocked fish collected. These two factors should mean excellent walleye fishing on Watauga Reservoir in 2016.


Walleye Length Frequency